Stationary concrete plant SUMAB T-60


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stationary concrete plant Sumab T-60.
Capacity 60 – 70 m3/hour.

The stationary concrete batching plant Sumab T-60, described bellow makes the production of wet or dry concrete with high quality and homogeneity. Materials which are inserted in high quality plant and all kinetic moves of machine are controlled over electro-hydraulic and electro-pneumatic units, and also controlled by electronic units made by world recognized manufacturers.

Besides that, plant is made in several modules, which gives possibility of adapting of whole equipment according to every specific demand from buyer.

4 aggregate storages each of 20 m3 with possibility of increase in boards . Pneumatically opening valves of dosing aggregates.

In continue, offer is made by basic needed technical entering parameters of batching plant:
• Turbine type concrete mixer Р 1250 liters of output of fresh vibrated inserted concrete;
• Construction type: Cones for hoppers 20 m3each;
• Coming construction for support;
• Height of overhang [exhaust] 4 m;
• Nominal production of capacity of 60 m3/h of fresh vibrated inserted transporting concrete in continuous work (based on 60 sec continuous cycles);
• 3 types of aggregates;
• Weight dosing of cement, aggregates and liquid additives;
• Volumetric dosing of water;
• Control by manual and automatic [by computer] with 100 different programs [different concrete.


Model Sumab T-60
Production capacity of wet concrete based on 30 sec mixing time 60 m3/h
Ambient oversea height Until 1.000 m
Ambient temperature for work -10 to 50 °C
Working temperature of machines inside of plant 5 to 35 °C
Maximum allowed wind 120 km/h
Power supply 380-420 V, 50 Hz [EC standard]


4 х 2.5 х 2.5 m. Wall thickness 60 mm. Computer Siemens S-7 (1000 concrete sorts).
Electric installation of concrete batching plant includes all electrical connections of voltage,
controlling and part for measuring of the plant.
Controlling of whole plant is by PLC Siemens S-7 controller which gives returning connections of the system which are part of safety demands.

Concrete plants SUMAB are a guarantee of quality, durability and reliability. Batching plant is produced on Scandinavian technology, using components from leading European manufacturers!

Scandinavian quality at the best price!

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